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UNDA Broome Campus

Completed 2008

Notre Dame's Broome Campus was founded in 1994 with a mission of education in indigenous studies, teaching, nursing, and  the reconciliation of indigenous & and non indigenous Australians. The site made available to UNDA for development as a university campus contained a cluster of disused boarding facilities at the rear of

St Mary's College secondary school. UNDA was keen that the campus have its own distinctive frontage and a Masterplan was developed with a new street façade consisting of a Library, Multi-purpose Hall and Entry Statement, as well as parking and landscaped areas and fencing. Funding dictated that these elements could not be built simultaneously but they were constructed in sequence to the one design concept.

Broome's context was an important design consideration, and the town’s industrial buildings and jetties providing appropriate aesthetic models that mirrored the industrial history of UNDA’s Fremantle campus. The buildings are built for efficient climatic performance in a tropical environment including large overhangs and verandahs to protect windows, low thermal mass, cross and stack ventilation and the provision to open up indoor / outdoor facilities.

The Hall and Street Entry were built on budget, and the Library was considerably under the formally prepared budget allowing the client to spend more on the all important content of the library and adjoining exhibition space. The new Guy Street frontage has turned a "disused back of a school" precinct into an important streetscape and public amenity.

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