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PMACS Masterplan

Peter Moyes Anglican Community School is a co-educational, low fee paying K-12 school located in Perth’s northern suburbs. The initial masterplan was developed in 1999 and nine stages of building have been completed to date.  


The client brief required that the campus, whilst drawing on the cloistered monastic based architecture of traditional collegiate/Ivy League educational facilities, extends on it to create a timeless environment in its functionality, servicing, flexibility, energy efficiency and with low maintenance. Traditional materials that will patinate and improve in appearance have been used in a modern and contemporary manner. Of particular importance is the integration of modern technologies into an adaptive and flexible environment to allow for changing pedagogies.


The campus has been designed as four sub schools; Early Childhood (Kindergarten to Year 2) Primary School (Years 3-6), Middle School (Years 7-9) and Senior School (Year 10-12). Each sub-school has an individual; identify within a cohesive campus design, with separate street entrances and staff centres, but all share specialist and sporting facilities and central administration. In addition, special emphasis is being made to enable easy and well defined community access to the cafeteria, resource centre, performing arts centre, gymnasium, chapel and general facilities.

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