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PLC Middle School, Science & Creative Arts

Completed 2007

The PLC Middle School, Science and Creative Arts building provides a large floor area on a small site footprint in an architectural style and in construction materials chosen to be sympathetic to its residential context and consistent with the school’s other buildings.

Our masterplan for PLC dictates a limited palette of materials and details, determined by choosing the most successful in existing buildings and using them for all new projects. Also important is that each subsequent building is handled in its own appropriate yet unique way within the discipline of this consistent palette.

Early school community consultations indicated that the campus was perceived as having no obvious front to the different sub schools, no hierarchy of spaces, as well as lacking visual consistency. The correction of these perceived campus weaknesses was a major consideration of the master plan and of this building stage, in addition to the educational requirements of providing cutting edge facilities for the present and flexibility for the future. To provide internal identity and zoning for the three different faculties, a three storey atrium was designed to provide openness and separation.

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