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UNDA Health and Sciences

Completed 2008

The first new building on Notre Dame’s Fremantle Campus is located on a former car park that replaced an earlier warehouse, and is designed to provide specialist health sciences facilities as well as general purpose education spaces and offices. The core design philosophy for the building was that it would be clearly contemporary, as well as reflecting the Victorian and Edwardian warehouses and offices of Fremantle's West End. The building is prominently located on Phillimore Street and forms a signature entry statement to the university.

The specialist areas include a large exercise equipment room and a hydrotherapy pool with showers and change rooms as well as two entrances, one for students and one for the public. Other facilities include a 150 seat lecture theatre, a small tiered lecture room for 40, general purpose teaching rooms, seminar rooms, and offices. The building is constructed adjacent to the heritage important Fares House and the two are designed to link as one complex, with a new lift designed to provide disabled access to six split levels.

Digitally printed heritage photos showing the history of the site have been used on the ground floor windows to provide screening to the health facilities as well as pedestrian interest. Sun protection to the large glazed areas of the external walls has been provided by the use of high efficiency solar glass, extensive sun screening to the windows above street level, and the use of internal timber venetians to control external heat and light.

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