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UNDA St Teresa's Library

Completed 2011

The interior of the University of Notre Dame Australia’s St Teresa's Library was first adapted from its 1960's warehouse shell to become the university’s main library in 1994. At the time only very limited, low cost adaptive re-use works could be afforded. The 2011 internal fit out of the library, including construction of a mezzanine floor together with other works including cgi ceilings and air conditioning brings to fruition the original design intent for St Teresa's Library.  


The aesthetic goal for the mezzanine additions was that it build on the 1960's industrial appearance of the original warehouse roof and columns to provide maximum additional floor area without turning it into a two storey building. This was achieved by maintaining the visual internal height of the original building with a large central atrium.  


The fact that the steel and structural plywood floors are all dry construction and that footings under the columns were not necessary due to the original concrete floor being designed to handle warehouse loadings, further improved the cost/value outcome. The works were able to be completed during summer holidays which caused minimal disruption.

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