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Catholic Education Centre

This project is for a new 5 storey building at 3-5 High Street (corner Cliff St) in Fremantle for the University of Notre Dame Australia. The site is currently a carpark and is the location of the heritage listed Liebler Façade. The building will house teaching facilities for the School of Nursing and will also contain a number of facilities for public use that are intended to enhance the building’s relationship with the West End and contribute to the amenity and street activation of the area.  


It is intended that the ground floor level of the building will be patronised by the general public. These areas will contain a formal double volume lobby and entry space, a Theatre & Small Bar that address High Street, and a Retail Tenancy that faces Cliff Street. The lobby and parts of the adjoining back stage areas have also been designed to be re-configured into Gallery space when not in use during theatrical performances.  


The building also provides the potential to prompt reinvigoration of the currently underutilised public space at the west end of High Street. It is hoped that the public space will be developed by the City of Fremantle and form a major drawcard to bring people down into this part of the West End, complementing the new UNDA building and establishing a new Arts precinct.

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